Search Engine Marketing

Then what should you do,

if you want more visitors?

The traditional ways of marketing like radio, TV commercial ads has little use in driving optimum traffic to your website.

Then what should you do, if you want more visitors?

“Have no fear, Search Engine Marketing is here!”

Search Engine Marketing consists of both paid (Pay-per-click) and organic search (Search Engine Optimization) marketing and often they go hand in hand in driving desired traffic to your website. The sweetest reward on applying Search Engine Marketing is that the traffic generated is targeted and precise to the niche that you are targeting for.

google search result

As shown in the picture above, the paid results are indication of Pay per Click services while the organic results are indication of Search Engine Optimization.


What and why Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Pay- Per- Click is a short term fixed for your company if you would like to get targeted traffic to your website in the shortest time possible. The traffic is generated through engine searches on keywords that are related to your website.



Once PPC is set up, your site will be in front of millions of search users. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing and so forth are common search engines, which gives an avenue for pay-per-click marketing.

At eBrandyou, we focus on Google search engine. This is simply because it has the highest number of users in the market. As shown in the StatCounter Global Stats below, you can see that 90% of the users in Singapore and in the world uses Google.

stat counter

stat counter2

What and why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is a long-term traffic driving strategy in driving targeted audiences to your website. It usually takes 6 months and beyond to get it set up, depending on the popularity and competition of the chosen keywords.

For organic searches, the main aim is to get your desired website link to the first page, and rank in top 3 of the search engine. This will thus increase the visibility of your website in an organic search.

This is an essential digital marketing strategy as the number of search engine users is growing. Search engine organic searches also gains more credibility and trust, and therefore more clicks. This is so as the search results are often based on the search engine’s own indexing algorithms.



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